Booking an activity in advance

For an activity, how can I set how far in the future a client can make a booking? 

When you create a new activity, you can indicate in the Booking settings in the field "Bookable ahead until ", up to how many hours, days or weeks a client can book ahead in the future. 

Furthermore, you can always change this activity setting afterwards: 

  1. Go to Activities 
  2. Click on the activity or on options (3 dots) > Edit  
  3. Go to Booking settings 
  4. Go to field "Bookable ahead until" 

By default this is 12 weeks, but we recommend making this shorter if classes or or training sessions are crowded. 

The end time of a session is also taken into account. This allows, for example, your clients or members to only make a booking for next week's session after the session, if you have set 1 week in this setting.