Setting up waiting list

When you create a new activity, you can indicate under the  Booking settings tab in the field "Waiting list option" whether you want to enable a waiting list if the session is fully booked. 

Furthermore, you can always change an activity’s setting afterwards: 

  1. Go to  Activities 
  2. Click on options (3 dots) of the activity for which you want to change the settings  
  3. Scroll to  Booking settings 
  4. Go to field "Waiting list option" 

The waiting list function allows a client or member to sign up for a fully booked session (e.g. class or training). Should there be a cancellation for a session, the client who was first on the waiting list will be automatically signed up for the session and will receive an e-mail notification. 

Whoever is first on the waiting list will also be added first as soon as a spot becomes available. A client cannot see what place he or she has on the waiting list. This is clear to you at the session (via Agenda). In addition, there is no limit to the number of clients on a waiting list. 

You cannot put clients on the waiting list, clients can only do this themselves. However, you can add a client directly to the session.