Creating credit invoice

A credit invoice, also known as a credit note, is an invoice that allows you to reverse a previously created and sent invoice. This happens, for example, when you expect to no longer receive an outstanding payment, when you have been unable to provide certain services or when the amount previously invoiced was incorrect. 

To create a credit invoice, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to  Finance 
  2. Click the Invoices tab 
  3. Find the invoice you want to credit 
  4. Click on  options (button with 3 dots) 
  5. Click  Credit invoice 

You can also credit the invoice via the  client's profile under the  Payments tab. 

You can then create a credit invoice by clicking Options (button with 3 dots) and selecting Credit amount. You then have the option to terminate the product immediately and refund it via the payment provider (or arrange this yourself). 

When a credit invoice is created, the incorrect invoice you have credited will automatically be set to "Paid".  


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Create partial credit invoice? 

You can also create a partial credit invoice, so not covering the entire invoice amount. You can see how to do this in  this article.