Carrying over unused credits

If you want to allow unused credits from a membership to be carried over to one or more periods, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Go to  Products 
  2. Under options (3 dots) next to a product, click on the  Edit button  
  3. Click  More options 
  4. Enter the number of periods in the "Validity of unused credits" field 

A period is equal to the period when the credits are issued. For example, for a membership of 2 credits per week, a period is one week. When you allow unused credits to be carried over for 1/2/3/4 periods, the client can use the unused credits from the last period to make bookings in the next 1/2/3/4 periods. 

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Please note:  if you set a membership to allow unused credits to be carried over, this change will not be reflected in current memberships, but only in new memberships that are purchased. 

You can always see how many credits the client can still use in the current period. You can find this at the client's profile under the " Products " tab. If applicable, unused credits from previous periods are included (and not credits from potential future periods).