Methods to collect membership fees

Which methods can be used to pay memberships? 

A membership can be paid in one go or paid periodically via direct debit or payment link. You can set this as a general setting so that all clients and members pay this way by default. In addition, it is possible to set per client how they want to pay in case of exceptions. 

The different methods are explained below. These paragraphs will also show how these methods can be set as a general setting: 

1. One-time payment 

You can have memberships paid for in one go (one-off payment). In this case it is not possible to make a membership continuous. If you want this, you can set this up with the membership (via Products) by selecting "One-time payment" under Payment period.  

2. Direct debit 

You can automatically collect or collect membership fees every period. You can set the payment period yourself (in weeks or months). Recurring payments can be made by SEPA direct debit (€ 0.50 per payment) or credit card (1.8% + € 0.50 per payment). 

It is important to take the following into account:  

  • Payment method: Make sure you have activated SEPA with Mollie. You can do this at Mollie by going to Settings and clicking on Payment methods . The slider at SEPA or credit card must be blue at Mollie. Please note: If SEPA direct debit has not been activated, no direct debit can take place. 
  • Authorization: The first payment by a client is made with iDEAL or Bancontact. The client thus issues an authorization (also known as a mandate) to collect payments the following weeks or months. It is very important to note that an iDEAL or Bancontact transaction is not an official method of issuing an authorisation. However, this is widely used in practice and also offers a certain degree of certainty/security. To be sure of a valid authorization, we always recommend to also request a signature signed in pen (read more about this at Mollie). 
  • Collection date or date of collection: For monthly memberships, you can set when membership fees are collected. For weekly memberships, the date of purchase determines when collection will take place. Read  here how you can set the collection date. 

Please note that collection of membership fees can take several business days due to bank processing time.  

Do you want the payments of all clients or members are collected automatically? 

  1. Click on your name in the top right 
  2. Click on Settings 
  3. Scroll to  Payment settings 
  4. Select  Direct debit under Payment method for recurring payments 


3. Payment link 

You can set that clients or members have to pay membership fees manually every period via a payment link. They will receive the payment link via email and they will receive a notification with a payment link when they are logged in. 

If you want all clients or members to pay via a payment link, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on your name in the top right 
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. Under PAYMENTS & INVOICING, click on Payment settings